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Chopping Mall
When: Sunday, Mar 20 2016 @ 7:30 PM
Where: Clinton's Tavern (693 Bloor St W)
Admission: FREE

When a group of teens sneak into the mall afterhours for the wildest party of their lives, they end up getting more than they bargained for. On that same night, the mall rolls out a new team of roving security robots that are suddenly transformed into indiscriminate killing machines when an errant lighting bolt strikes (yes, that old chestnut) and overloads their systems. Now the teens are locked in until dawn, and if they're not careful, they'll be shopping for some replacements limbs and organs by the end of the night.

For any Bad Movie Night regulars, you're not going crazy, we are hosting this screening one week early to avoid Easter Sunday. As the Bible says, "Thou shalt not screen a motion picture about teens fighting killbots on the same day that Jesus was resurrected." John 7:22

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Doors at 7:30. Movie at 8.
FREE. 19+ event.