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From Justin To Kelly
When: Sunday, Jul 26 2015 @ 7:30 PM
Where: Clinton's (693 Bloor St W)
Admission: FREE

Hey, remember when American Idol was popular? So popular, in fact, that its producers thought they could make a quick buck by slapping together a movie starring Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini! "Who cares what it's about?! The 18 - 34 demographic will go out in droves and throw money at it!" Except they didn't, the film flopped hard, and now, more than a decade later, we're left with the magnificent failure that is FROM JUSTIN TO KELLY.

Here's the "plot"...

When Texan waitress Kelly is convinced by her two generically attractive friends to join them on their spring break down in Florida, she has no idea that she's going to cross paths with Justin - a man who has all the raw, unadulterated sexual magnetism of a damp sponge. But they're the leads in this musical misfire, so that means they'll spend the next 80 or so minutes going through the motions of falling in love and overcoming all the dumb - and I mean DUMB - obstacles that pop up along the way to keep them apart. Lucky for us, this limp romance is livened up with some ridiculous dance choreography, a bunch of forgettable songs, and a hovercraft duel (?!) to see who can win Kelly's heart!

Yes, there ain't no party like this spring break party, 'cause this spring break party is contractually obligated. (Seriously: Kelly and Justin were legally locked in to make this blunder and couldn't find a way out of it.)

* * * * *

Doors at 7:30. Movie at 8.
FREE. 19+ event.