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Watch the Skies
When: Saturday, Jun 10 2017 @ 11:00 AM
Where: Parkdale Library (1303 Queen St W)
Admission: TBA

Watch The Skies is a megagame that's like a Model United Nations veering right off the rails, with a bunch of aliens showing up to cause international panic and confusion. It combines live-action roleplaying (e.g. Dungeons & Dragons) with the rules and mechanics of a board game (e.g. Risk), to create a unique event for dozens of people to experience together. Participants will play as politicians, scientists, military leaders, journalists, and - just maybe - enigmatic extraterrestrials to build alliances, cut deals, deploy armies, engage in espionage, and ultimately decide the fate of the world! Can peace be brokered between humanity and those from beyond the stars? Or will the nukes fly fast and loose in a desperate attempt to stop the aliens from taking over?

It's not called a "megagame" for nothing! In order to run this event, we'll need a group of enthusiastic folks to join our Control Team and help us make everything go smoothly. If you're interested, please message Exploding Zebra through facebook or send an email to

Expect tickets to go on sale in April. Click Going/Interested for this event to receive future ticketing updates.

*Many thanks to the Megagame Society and Megagame Makers.*